Hi, I'm Mina Lukovic (née Hoffman)

As a Designer,

I am analytical and precise. My favorite projects involve translating complex topics into simple diagrams that help people learn.

Progressive iterations and rigorous editing characterize my work.

As a Coworker,

I am enthusiastic, organized, and communicative.

I enjoy being part of an energetic and inspired creative team.

I thrive on concrete feedback and enjoy sharing knowledge. Collaborative brainstorm and critique sessions give my work focus and direction.

But sometimes, like anyone, I need to fly solo. I value and respect time spent alone in thought.

As a Person,

I am, above all, curious. My favorite conversation topics are work and leisure pusuits (yours, not mine). If I meet you, I will ask with wide, wild eyes: what do you do? And what would you rather do?

My love of typography goes hand-in-hand with my love of languages. I've studied several, unskillfully, but remain determined. I have yet to regret an overseas conversation, no matter how awkward.

I'm a certified Emergency Medical Technician and an avid scuba diver. See above: quality and safety are important to me.